The Mount Liberty College Archives contain a variety of documents that have been edited and formatted by students (and some faculty) in an attempt to make these works more accessible to the public. Except where noted, the commentary and footnotes in these works were not done by professionals or experts but by students working with documents as part of their training in finding, working with, and understanding historical texts. While the result is growth for the students, we hope that it may also prove to be helpful to a casual reader seeking more familiarity with these works.

Alexander Nikoláyevich Ostróvsky

Bernardo del Carpio

Elizabeth Inchbald

Frank L. Bixby

Herschel Williams

Jean-Francois de La Harpe

Joseph Turquan

Leo Tolstoy

Thomas Crofton Croker

T. Trask Woodward

Unknown Author: Printed by Gerard Leeu of Antwerp

Unknown Author: A Manuscript from the 15th Century

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